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Desert Mountain Hiking Trail System

Please Join Us for Our Upcoming Moonlight Hikes



Below is our upcoming Moonlight Hike schedule on Desert Mountain’s award-winning  Hiking Trail System

Saturday November 12th (when the moon is at it’s closet point to earth since Jan 1948, a ‘Supermoon’ – 12-14% bigger than usual!)

Sunday December 11th


Tuesday January 10th

Thursday February 9th

Friday March 10th

the-ranch for Full Moon HikesWe’ll meet at the The Ranch’s upper area parking lot at 7:00PM  promptly and will hike for about two hours along the China Wall Trail.

We recommend that you bring a flashlight although you may not need it as the trail should be well illuminated.

Our Full Moon Hikes are so much fun and we hope you’ll be able to join us!

Please RSVP to Cheryl D’Anna: cheryl.danna@russlyon.com

Did you know that  The Ranch at Desert Mountain, our new outdoor recreational amenity,  is at the heart of Desert Mountain’s unique award-winning trails system?

Saguaro Forest Hike

Saguaro Forest Hike

The facility includes an ‘in-the-round’ outdoor meeting space (called a ‘kiva’), the new Tonto Ridge and Apache Skyline trails, a ramada-style shade structure for picnics and small gatherings, a lighted parking area, permanent air-conditioned rest room – and horse stable with corrals.

Coming soon will be a designated wilderness site at the south end of The Ranch where members can book a luxury camping experience.

Members and guests can schedule horseback rides in the club’s private wilderness area without leaving the Desert Mountain gates.

For more information on The Ranch and our Full Moon Hikes, please call Cheryl D’Anna (480) 319-3800